Back from the Eastern Shore

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Hey, All!

Katie, Beth and Rebecca are back from our Habitat for Humanity trip in Virginia with all fingers and toes accounted for! Beth worked primarily on the construction of a shed (more like a cottage), Katie helped install the kitchen floor (wood veneer type stuff), and Rebecca did a lot of painting and odd jobs on site. We took some pictures, but I think the best ones will come from the group’s achivist’s DVD so we will wait for those to post the photos. Hope you all are enjoying your summer! Soon we are off to Chautauqua.

Asheley Climbs to the Top!

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Check out Asheley climbing!

 Asheley Climbing

She’s participating in the ROPES course at the summer program she attends.  They teach basic climbing skills using traverses and wires on telephone poles.

Ropes course

Wish they had this when I was a kid but I think I would have been too chicken to go up there.

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Ok, It seems harmless enough…. Now what.  Can we post photos and stuff or just blog each other….

29 Again!!!

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For your birthday we created this website for the whole family to use and to help us to keep in touch.  I’m hoping we can get everybody to register so they can leave entries, comments, upload pictures, whatever…

Hope it works! 

Love, Robert, Denise and Asheley!



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